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Wednesday Debrief 9.2.20

Let’s look at these three concepts from yesterday's Checkpoint one at a time:

Visionary Leadership

Thursday Tactic 8.13.20

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” - Peter Drucker, Management Guru.

This week, we look at the impact leadership and management can have on your strategy and culture.

Thursday Tactic 8.6.20

Our tactic this week is Presence.

So what is presence?

What's Next for my Business?

I doubt that there is a business owner out there not asking this question. Honestly though, we just don't know. In these periods of uncertainty, one reliable exercise is scenario planning. How do we do this? For starters, begin by surveying the entire commercial landscape, taking in the details as they are now. As you gather and analyze your data, look for patterns and trends that can help you plot out different scenarios your business may face, and how to respond to them. A new work environment is unfolding, which will come with new opportunities and new challenges.

To aid you in your scenario planning, we have a few topics of importance to address and some related links:


Happy Wednesday! Today we debrief our Tuesday Checkpoint prompt.

Tuesday’s prompt: How am I feeling right now?

Key takeaway from this prompt: Presence


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