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Client Testimonial - Verena Solutions

"Working with Ascent has delivered, easily, a few million dollars in value."

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with a client who shared how partnering with Ascent has helped unlock millions of dollars for his firm.

Mike Infanger is the President of Verena Solutions, a Chicago-based company revolutionizing the dental industry with their innovative products, while their PPE-subscription service, Verena Plus, is delivering the dual combination of peace of mind and cost savings for customers.

In the video, Mike discusses how Ascent’s coaching and advisory services helped them pivot during the pandemic and unlock new sources of revenue. Mike goes on to discuss how executive coaching has helped him, a first-time founder, establish a company culture of operational excellence and lead a growing company. “[Coaching] is vital for any leader.”

Learn more in the full video below.

About the Author:

Matt Beckmann is the founder and Managing Director of Ascent Consultants. Matt has over a decade of leadership experience as a former Campaign Manager, Chief of Staff, and Corporate Vice President and General Counsel. In addition to his deep professional experience, Matt is an attorney, certified professional coach, and a yoga instructor. His passion for high-performance and well-being is the driving force behind Ascent.

Ascent Consultants focuses on professional and organizational performance and well-being. By delivering high-level professional coaching and advisory services, we empower our clients to take intentional, focused action to overcome obstacles and progress toward their goals. Simply put, our mission is to make the job of leadership easier.

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