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Simplifying the Fitness Pyramid

Recently, we introduced the Ascent Fitness Pyramid, a simple framework to help you create a sustainable foundation for your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Bottom line: when you feel better, you perform better, and at Ascent we're all about creating virtuous cycles of improvement and growth.

Overall, we want to follow an 80/20 rule for fitness. Create routines that you can stick to about 80% of the time, and watch your life change for the better.

Functional Mobility & Movement

Functional mobility & movement are the basic movements for life. Walking, climbing stairs, bending, squatting, reaching and twisting.

Yoga is my preferred modality to build and sustain quality movement patterns, and combat the ill-effects of the modern world (primarily its promotion of a sedentary lifestyle).

Yoga also provides a foundation for good mechanics, which translates well into Basic and Advanced Strength training.

This also includes basic cardio like walking, climbing stairs, and similar light / low intensity cardiovascular exercise.

Incorporate functional mobility and movement about 2-3 times per week.

Basic & Advanced Strength Training

Resistance training is essential for longevity, and to THRIVE in the modern world. Functional mobility and movement is about laying the foundations for good form and mechanics.

Resistance training (and higher intensity cardio) is where the body and mind change for the better.

Resistance training improves body composition, bond density, and sleep quality. Look better, feel better, and perform better.

Find a routine that works for YOU and allows you to strength train 2-3 times per week.

When combined with 2-3 cardio / mobility sessions, you now have a complete basic fitness routine that will help you feel your best and perform at your best. And the benefits will extend well beyond just fitness, guaranteed.

More details in the video, and a helpful "Intro to Kettlebells" video is linked below as well.

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