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The Executive Accelerator Program

The Executive Accelerator Program


This program helps you identify what is holding you back from the success you desire. It helps you uncover the resources you need to accomplish your goals. Supported with two coaching sessions to help you truly internalize and act upon what you learn - this program is proven to improve your business acumen and success at work. 



EQ-i 2.0 and debrief

Ascent Compass (prompts and resources to develop your personal leadership philosophy)

2 coaching sessions (45 minutes each, scheduled separately)


How it Works:

After your purchase, you'll receive an email from Ascent with your link to the EQ-i assessment, and a copy of the Ascent Compass.  


The EQ-i takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, and the debrief takes about an hour.  


The assessment provides insight into key emotional intelligence markers that are directly correlated with success in an executive or leadership role.


The Compass is a self-guided course designed to inspire your leadership philosophy.  


Compass helps guide you from where you are, to where you want to go.  Write your leadership philosophy based on core values and guiding principles.  Use it to help define and shape organizational or team culture.


After you complete the EQ-i, you'll schedule your debrief.  You will then schedule your coaching sessions at any time after the debrief.  


Use the EQ-i and Compass to identify your desired coaching outcomes.  Coaching will help you expand your perspective and design strategies to achieve your goals.

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