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5 Tips to Win Your Next RFP - And Every RFP After That

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The secret to winning an RFP is knowing your customer, your product, and your chances before you accept the opportunity to respond.

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Winning an RFP can be exhilarating. 


But for every RFP you win, there are always a few you lose. Sometimes you thought you had it in the bag only to find out you weren’t even close. Other times you knew you didn’t have a chance – but submitted anyway.

Whether you’ve responded to hundreds of RFPs or you’re new to the RFP game, these tips can help you stop wasting time writing long proposals no one fully reads to come in second place.

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When it comes to winning RFPs, experience matters.


Matt Beckmann has over a decade of experience winning RFPs. He has successfully prepared and won hundreds of RFPs, negotiated countless Master Service Agreements, and prepared Terms & Conditions of Purchase/Sale documents. 


He has served as VP and General Counsel for a company with a complex, international supply chain (Russia, S. Korea, China, S. Africa, Taiwan, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, India, USA), and revenue in excess of $100 million annually. At this same company he also worked on inventory and forecasting for the quick moving line of products. 

Matt has also spent many years reviewing audits which highlight shortcomings in procurement practices and provide remedial suggestions. 

There is both an art and a science to successfully winning in procurement and Matt Beckmann is excellent at sharing his mastery of the topic. 


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