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How to Succeed as a Leader, part 4

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

You. Can. Do. This.

In part 1, I discussed how I found success as a campaign manager with ZERO prior political or campaign experience.

In part 2, I discussed my time as Chief of Staff in the Missouri Auditor's Office and how to rise to the challenge of a new, highly visible, high-level leadership role.

In part 3, I discussed taking on new challenges in a brand new role in the private sector, and offered additional advice for current and future leaders.

I hope that my journey is an example for you. Yes, people will doubt you. Yes, people will discourage your ambition. This happens perhaps because they see you as a threat, or see your ambition and courage and wish that they had the same drive.

I got all sorts of questions and incredulous looks when I told people I was leaving a very secure, comfortable corporate role to start my own business focused on helping small and medium businesses improve operational outcomes, and help individuals grow as leaders through coaching.

Do not let the doubters, naysayers, or haters get in your head. When they do, you may start to feel impostor syndrome, asking yourself whether or not you’re worthy of this role and whether you can handle it.

The truth is, anyone can be a leader, but you have to believe in yourself! But it doesn't stop there. It is a struggle. It will push you out of your comfort zone.

To succeed, you need not just a strong work ethic and relevant skills, but also a good team around you, and good advisors. And that is what provide at Ascent.

My passion is to help businesses and leaders create, build, and improve. Whether your goals are personal, professional, or overlap with both, I want to work with you to make those goals a reality.

We've helped clients just like you create the foundations for their new start up. We've helped existing businesses create new growth strategies and improve operations. We coach leaders to become the best version of themselves and to bring the best out in their teams.

Working with Ascent, you’ll get clarity. Clarity around your vision, your resources, the obstacles in your way, and the path ahead.

The view is different at the top. Ascent will help you get there.


About the Author:

Matt Beckmann - Management Consultant - Executive Coach

Matt Beckmann is the Founder & Managing Director of Ascent Consultants. In addition to experience as a former Chief of Staff to the Missouri Auditor and as a Corporate Vice President and General Counsel, he has advanced training and certifications in law, business, coaching, athletics, and leadership. His blog content, inspired by his deep passion for unlocking his reader's best potential, consistently equips business owners and individuals with the knowledge and resources to overcome obstacles that may be hindering growth.

Ascent Consultants - Management Consultants to Enable Your Business Growth

Ascent Consultants provides business and strategy consulting, executive and leadership coaching, and leadership assessments. By converting client growth goals into an actionable "game plan," we help companies and individuals unlock their full potential.

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