ICYMI Friday 8/7

Our objective this week was to create opportunities for new thinking and new perspective.

Why is creating these opportunities important for your own leadership development and in the pursuit of your own goals?

New perspective and new thinking allow us to scrutinize and evaluate topics and strategies in new ways. Different outcomes are only possible with different thinking and different action!

Our Tuesday Checkpoint and Wednesday Debrief were all about visualization and observation, asking you, "Where do you want to be at the pinnacle of your career?" and then breaking down this exercise in detail.

On Thursday we discussed the importance and power of managing across the entire spectrum. High-impact leaders have many different management styes that they employ individually and in combination to meet the demands of a given scenario, or to deliver a desired outcome.

These skills take time to develop. It may be uncomfortable at first. But the combination of new thinking, new perspective, and agile leadership will have a dramatically positive impact on your team's culture, while also delivering superior results.

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