The Universal Recipe for Success 8.12.20

The Universal Recipe for Success.

There are a million cute acronyms and theories out there that you can apply to help reach your goals. In reality though, every effective strategy involves these 4 elements.

1. Know where you want to go and why. What is your goal, why is it important?

2. Create a plan: How do you get from where you are to where you want to go? What resources you have already. What else do you need? What obstacles can see? What others might you encounter?

3. Use measurable metrics to track progress and the effectiveness of your plan. Refine the plan as you learn.

4. Consistency & intensity. Nothing works unless you do. Show up every day. Put in the work.

This is the recipe. It is WHAT you need to do go reach your goals.

For the HOW -- how you get clear on your goals and why they are important, how you can create a path to those goals, and how you get there faster -- join the My Ascent Network, or book your free consultation today.

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