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Tips to Propel Small Businesses to Success & Resiliency, Part 6

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Today, I cover the final item on our list and in our series. Challenge #11 is a Lack of Mentorship / Additional Resources.

Not surprisingly, our final theme is leadership related. But a lack of mentorship and other resources can apply to not just you, but also your team.

As leaders, you need to ask what are the resources that you need to continue on your path. But you must also ask whether your team getting the leadership and the development that they want and need in order to contribute to building your vision.

You and your people are the business. So it will grow to the limits of your collective and individual capabilities. Expand those! Hire it, buy it, develop it… but put in the work to get your company what it needs.

Your organizational chart is a great tool, but it only gives us part of the picture.

What skills could existing staff acquire that would allow them to be promoted into new roles or be more successful in their existing role? What tools are available to your teams that aren't being used to their full capacity? Can those be replaced with something else? What is going on within your teams and how could they operate at an even higher level?

As a leader or manager, you need a mentor, coach, or advisory team as part of that organizational chart. A good mentor, coach, or advisory board is the best way to ensure that your leadership skills are keeping up with the demands of the business, and keep you moving towards your business and corporate goals. These team members contribute by helping you by spot issues and blind spots early in the process that might otherwise have been overlooked, by offering new or additional perspective and expertise on certain matters, and more.

In short, they help you avoid problems and keep you from reinventing the wheel, both of which save you time and money and keep you focused on growing your business, and the people who work there.

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About the Author:

Matt Beckmann - Management Consultant - Executive Coach

Matt Beckmann is the Founder & Managing Director of Ascent Consultants. In addition to experience as a former Chief of Staff to the Missouri Auditor and as a Corporate Vice President and General Counsel, he has advanced training and certifications in law, business, coaching, athletics, and leadership. His blog content, inspired by his deep passion for unlocking his reader's best potential, consistently equips business owners and individuals with the knowledge and resources to overcome obstacles that may be hindering growth.

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