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Ascent helps companies and individuals create enduring competitive advantage through “adaptation and evolution”.  Adaptation is about becoming the fittest for the current conditions while staying anchored to your core values. Evolution is the process by which we make that change and become the fittest.

When we consult with clients, we work to understand and develop your company’s strategy and action plans – using a sports analogy, we want to create the optimum “game plan” to reach your goals.

Clarify goals.  Organize strategy. 

Harmonize effort. Get results.

Common Solutions We Offer For Our Customers
  • Assisting entrepreneurs in setting up their business

  • Improve procurement processes & procedures

  • Creating clarity around personal/professional goals, and the action plans needed to achieve them

  • Creating and enhancing risk management efforts to protect your business

  • Identifying growth opportunities

  • Evaluate current market conditions and adjust company strategy accordingly

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Business Consulting Services Geared Towards Your Needs

Strategy Development & Execution
Procurement & Vendor Management
Market Analysis
Risk Management
Customer Management
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"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

- Albert Einstein

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