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Our Experience Is As Diverse As The Customers and Industries We Serve

Business & Management Consulting

  • Organizational development

  • Strategy development and execution

  • Sales improvement

  • Market and Customer analysis

Risk Management Consulting

  • Creation or updating key business documents

  • Evaluating processes and procedures to ensure continuity

  • Reduce risk and handle claims more effectively

Get the help that you need and the support you desire by partnering with Ascent Consultants.

"As a new company, and myself a first-time entrepreneur, Verena Solutions did a lot of learning and growing on the fly and often needed direction.  Working with Ascent Consultants provided us that direction saved us time and unnecessary expenses and helped create a framework for continued growth.  Matt helped us to craft our business model and financial plan, assisted with the marketing strategy, and helped structure our valuation models.  We are a better and more successful company because of this partnership.  We would recommend Ascent Consultants to any company, but specifically, those looking to build and grow rapidly."

Michael Infanger
President, Verena Solutions
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