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Client Case Study - Market Intelligence

An existing Client presented with a unique value-add technology that has broad potential applicability.


The Client lacked the necessary visibility into potential target industries needed to develop its strategy.

Co-creating the Statement of Work.

1. Discuss Client’s needs and current perspective.

How does this technology fit into Client’s larger mission?

How is it currently used and what are its benefits?

2. Design the research questions and objectives.

What information does the Client need in order to develop their strategy for this value-added service?

3. Select target industries for research.


Ascent conducted research and interviews to give the Client visibility and insights into four distinct markets.

Our work included research, interviews, and critical analysis across several objectives, including:

- Researching the total addressable market and general composition of each target industry, with

an additional focus on:

o Key companies

o Growth projections and other select data points

o Key background and current events

- Evaluating industry supply chains to identify:

o Points of strategic alignment with Client’s capabilities

o Key licensing, quality control, and regulatory considerations

o Potential strategic partnerships

- Analyzing and evaluating potential market approach points

- Identifying points of alignment with Client’s other products and solutions to increase Client’s total value proposition


Ascent Consultants is proud to offer our clients comprehensive professional services designed to help them maximize their potential, including:

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